Here at, Jason Stephenson offers his 20-plus years of software development experience to his customers and the world. He specializes in Free and Open Source Software and tools.

He is a committer in the Evergreen Open Source Library Software project and offers a special array of services to those seeking assistance with Evergreen.

Areas of Expertise

Web Applications
Jason can build any type of web application using the technologies listed below and some others. His area of true expertise is connecting these applications to database management systems.
Apache HTTP Server: configuration and module programming
PHP: Embedded in HTML and Frameworks
Perl: CGI and mod_perl
Responsive Web Design with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
Database Applications
Jason can build applications that interface to database management systems, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and others. These applications can have a variety of interfaces, including web-based applications, GUIs with Qt or Java, or command line interfaces. (The latter are most useful for data loading and extraction.)

If you would like to hire Jason's services, simply send him an email.